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Security Information For Placing Orders

Brewcraft appreciates that your security and privacy concerns are important.

Our e-commerce functionality is provided by GTP-iCommerce. This page tells you about our internet security and how you can check that we encrypt and protect the privacy of your credit card details during and after ordering.

Before PAYMENT information entered on a GTP iCommerce order page is transmitted across the internet, it is first encrypted by an extremely rigorous algorithm which is proven as secure for online shopping and e-commerce. This encryption method is actually more secure than providing your credit card number over the phone - something many of us do without hesitation.

There are several indicators of a secure web page. The first is the https:// prefix on the URL. If this is present it indicates that the connection is secure and encrypted. The URL is visible in the address bar at the top of your browser.

The second indicator of a secure page depends on your browser. Most modern browsers include an information icon to the left of the website address which can be clicked on to view information about the current website's security. A padlock will usually be displayed with this if the site is secure

Once sent to us your credit card number is stored in an encrypted format in a password protected area on a hardened server until processed and deleted.

If you are still not comfortable sending your credit card details across the internet, you can order over the phone.